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Discovery of the Site and Its Excavation

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On the bruary 8, 2001, engineering machines accidentally unearthed numerous artifacts of gold,bronze,jade,stone and ivory from a treasury that had been covered for more than 3,000 years at a constrcution site in former Jinsha village. Many of them were unseen anywhere except the Sanxingdui site in Guanghan, Sichuan, which is now quite well known in the world. Was this another Sanxingdui or was it related to that site? The answer can only be found in further excavation and research. We gleaned and cleaned the artifacts from the dug-up soil, and got more than 1,400 items, which were elegantly made. We found that many of them were similar to those, cellars, pottery kilns, ash pits, and graves. including those at the Fugin Development, Zhihui Street, Yandao Street, the construction site of ll these excavations, extending for more than 10 km. As a large number hem Jinsha is the largest and turned out the vas the center of all those sites.

 We have also identified several functional zones of the site: the large building zone, residential zone, graveyard zone, and sacrificial zone. We have an initial understanding of the life, production, funeral custom, and religious activity of the ancient people,and a basic idea about what the site was, when it was.

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