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Communications The Guizhou-Guangxi-( Guiyang-Liuzhou-) Railway Jinchengjiang-Yizhou Class Road, Yizhou-Liuzhor Expressway, National Highway 210, and the expressway from Shuiren Village in Jinchengjiang to north Nanning all run north-south through Hechi. Rich in water resources, it has waterways extending in all directions. Hechi Airport is under construction.

 Tourism Unique Red tourismresources the land of longevity of Bama; the folk culture of Third Sister Liu, and bronze drum culture among China’s first batch of intangible cultural heritage; Nandan’s White-Pants Yao, who, because of their adherence to ancient customs, have been referred to by UNESCO asliving fossils of palaeoanthropic civilization;

Longtan Hydropower Station in Tian’e; Dahua County, renowned as a land of curio stones. There are six scenic spots of National AAA Class, and two of National AA Class.

Local Products Danquan Wine mini-pigs, tung tree, oiltea camellia medicinal herb.

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