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Zhang Blade

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Dimensions: 52 cm long, 7.2 cm wide, and 0.65 cm thick his zhang blade is of rough workmanship except for the cutting edge and the bolster section.

Quite a large number of such stone zhang blades have been found in the sacrificial zone of the Jinsha site, and the rest are even poorer than this one.and some have All these stone zhang alio lines in the bolster section. Archaeologists presumed that these vermilion painted in the intaglio,zhang blades were not semi-finished products but ritual objects in sacrificial activities. Judging from the findings in excavations, such stone zhang blades were mainly used in the first phase of the Jinsha site, which was contemporary to the boom period of Sanxingdui. With the decline of Sanxingduiand rise of Jinsha, they were gradually replaced by elegant jade zhangblades.

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