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Xinglong Tropical Garden

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It is well known that Hainan Island is the national garden of China,and in fact,Xinglong Tropical Garden is the real garden among all the gardens on the island.Xinglong Tropical Garden is located in Xinglong Hot Spring area.Nan Wang Reservoir is its center.It covers more than 400 hectares and is about 6 km away from the Xinglong Hot Spring Tourism Resort,2.6 km away from the exit of Shimei Bay Eastern Expressway,the nearest scenic spot in Hainan from the Expressway.

Xinglong Tropical Garden combines nature,humanities,agronomy,landscape and the environmental and ecological protection into one garden.It has the functions of vacation leisure,tourist attractions and research and interaction,has protected,transplanted 1,935 kinds of vascular plants,and introduced more than 2,000 kinds of plants from home and abroad.

The base of Xinglong Tropical Garden faces the South Sea of China and is influenced by the tropical marine climate,so it has a tropical monsoon climate and plentiful sunshine and rainfall.Its winter is not cold and the summer is not that hot.Together with its unique topography,it provides a superior natural condition for a variety of organisms and is one of the most promising areas in China’s tropical biodiversity protection.In 1992,patriotic Chinese Mr.Zheng Wentai invested,planed and designed individually in an aging rubber plantation,which started the construction process of Xinglong Tropical Garden.

The project of the construction for Xinglong Tropical Garden was one of the key tourism projects in China in 1995. The Garden grows all kinds of plants including different kinds of flowers and fruit trees and so on. This has been an important base in Hainan to protect the diversity of organism. The State Environmental Protection Administration honored the Garden with the title of Environmental Education Base. In 1996, the World Environmental Protection Organization made it into one of the four Chinese demonstration institutions for environmental protection. At the early stage, closing forest, prohibiting logging and hunting and other measures to protect the base of existing natural forest and a variety of organisms, especially planting the unique native species of trees, laying kinds of grass in order to maintain soil and water promotes the recovery of local plant resources. Subsequently, in order to overcome the situation of having a narrow range of plant species and gene, government has adopted a different approach of introduction within a population and migrated many endemic species, rare and endangered plants such as Hainan cycads, Alsophila spinulosa, Joan Brown, Dracaena, Descending Xiang Tan, Qingpi tree, long-leaf nagi, etc. At the same time, in order to promote biodiversity conservation and development, to create a variety of micro-organisms, insects and animals such as butterflies, birds and foxes, wild boar, monkeys and other small wild animals habits, people have planted a large number of powder and pollen source, berries, nuts, as well as vines, Blanco, ferns, lichens and other plants. Many of the rare plants are special. Some of them may come from other countries and regions. Some of them may be the sign of different historic periods. Xinglong Tropical Garden has broken its traditional economic pattern, establishing a new concept of “environment industry”andforming a synthesized base that incorporates nature, humanism, farming and gardening. That is why there is a unique charm among the scenic spots in Hainan.

Xinglong Tropical Garden consists of mountains and hills, lakes and streams. The whole region can be divided into several sections that include theTropical Plants Area, the Agricultural Sightseeing Area, the Tropical Rainforest Area, the Biological Nurture Area, the Fruit-taste Area, the Celebrity Planting Area, the Gardening Tour Area, the Forest Camp Area, and the Tropical Plant Scientific Research Facilities and so on. In recent years the Asia Pacific National Customs and Flavor Garden as well as the International Resort has been constructed in Xinglong Tropical Garden, too.

Over 10 years in Xinglong tropical garden,about one million tropical plants were planted,thousands of tropical and subtropical plants from abroad were introduced and bred,such as dragon boat flower,fox tail coconut,red betel nut,King palm,long-leaf polyalthia.After more than 10 years’efforts,its eco-environment is improving,and its biomass is growing.More than 3,400 plant species have been built in the tropical gardens,which have different functional demonstration areas.The tropical gardens also become important protected areas and a variety of migratory birds’habitat.According to incomplete statistics,within the context of 400 hectares of the tropical garden,more than 60 kinds of birds are found,and there are dozens of kinds of rabbits,foxes,monkeys,snakes and other wild animalsas well.

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