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Hainan Tianya Rainforest Museum

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Welcome to our beautiful Tianya Rainforest Museum.Firstly,I’d like to briefly introduce it.The Tianya Rainforest Museum is located in Xinglong tourism resort city of Xinglong overseas Chinese farm in Wanning City,themiddle of Haikou-Sanya eastern expressway,164 kilometers away from Haikou and 100 kilometers away from Sanya.

Tianya Rainforest Museum is currently the largest root carving and root art exhibition, with rare giant root carving and root art. It was built by Luo Deshan, who was an overseas Chinese returning from Indonesia in July 2003. The giant root carving and root art are dug out from the silt of the Sun River. Due to geological changes, river diversion, those trees which are hundreds of years old, thousands of years old, even from ancient times were buried deep in the sediment in the riverbed. After physical and chemical effects, they become humongous and amazing art works in extremely hardy and different postures. They show natural beauty to people and at the same time they also show that the Sun River had some tropical rainforest appearance, style and traces.

In the 1950s, the sides of the Sun River are full of dense virgin forest. The Sun River has abundant water yearly and the water is so clear that we can see the bottom. When we open the door, all before our eyes is lush trees. The big tree is everywhere, which even several people can’t surround. The river is very wide and deep. There are many beautiful stories in the Sun River! Xinglong overseas Chinese always fish, shrimp, boat, wash rice, wash dishes, wash clothes in the Sun River. But with the excessive using, valuable forest suffered massive deforestation and water and soil erosion. Now, we can’t see that kind of pleasant scenery anymore. The Sun River turns into a small stream. And the big trees disappear.We only can dig out the tree body from the Sun River sediment.What a painful lesson it is!The establishment of the rainforest museum is to awaken people’s consciousness to protect forests,protect environment and protect the nature.

The rainforest museum now covers an area of 80 mu,including three parts.The first part is the 4,000 square root carving and root art exhibition hall.The second part is the culture gallery,auditorium,and workshop.The third part is gardens.

The main exhibition hall of the rainforest museum is about 3,000 square meters.It is an imitation of the original tropical rainforest.The moment we get in the main exhibition hall,we just feel like being in the primeval forest.There are lush trees,waterfalls,cliff,ancient wooden dragon,bridge and stream,diving fishes and singing birds.But the most abundant are the giant root carving and root art.Among these giant root carving and root art,some weigh several tons to dozen tons,and some are as high as nine meters.Totally there are thousands of pieces of works.They have peculiar postures and variable appearances,most of which are endangered tropical rainforest species,and most of which are extinct.Dozens of the species such as Polei,Zijing,Musheng,red ribbon,greenwood are quite rare.A portion of them has been evaluated to be priceless by some experts.Standing in the main hall,you will feel like being in a vast,natural art palace,wondering and appreciating.

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