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Sun-Moon Bay

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Everyone knows that there is a Sun-Moon Lake in Taiwan.What surprises you more is that there also is a Sun-Moon Bay in Taiwan Village,Wanning City Hainan Province.Surrounded by mountains and sea,the scenery here is so pleasant that it makes this place a fairyland on earth.

About 168km far from Haikou City,87km far from Sanya City,Haimen Scenic Area is located on the coast of the Sun-Moon Bay,which is known as the “Golden Coast in Hainan”.It’s one inevitable spot on the hotline from Haikou to Sanya.It’s only 500 meters from eastern expressway entrance to the scenic area.This scenic area gathers oceanic scenery and special bay culture together and is ranked as 3A tourism scenic spot.

Now here we are at the destination,Sun-Moon Bay.With Cow Ridge as the boundary,the bay is a newly developed tourist resort in Wanning City,which links Lingshui County on the east.Looking down from the mountains,this bay is just like a crescent facing the sea with its south side,hence the name Sun-Moon Sun-Moon Bay Haimen Scenic Area is divided into 2 parts,Haimen Park and Taiwan Folk Cultural Tourist Area(Taiwan Village).There are many sightseeing spots and wonderful items here like Haimen Wonders,Coconut Grove Square,the Dragon Tripod,beach entertainment and coast horse riding.

In Haimen Park,the sand is as white as snow and the water is as blue as sky.There are two rivers meeting the sea here,which makes the seawater very clear and not so salty.Moreover,it’s warm all year round.These superior conditions make here a heaven of swimming and surfing.Wanning has a coastline of 109km,on which there scatters Shimei Bay,Nanyan Bay and Sun-Moon Bay.Like other surfing resorts in the world,these bays are the best places for surfing not only in Hainan but also in China.Meanwhile,with big regular sea waves and stable temperature around 24.4 degrees centigrade,this place has 11 months suitable for surfing the whole year which is a quite rare surfing resort withsubtropical flavor.International competitions like”World Surfing Association China Cup”and”International Association of Surfing Professionals Hainan Classic”were held here,which makes Sun-Moon Bay the focus of the whole world.Even some foreign media praised this bay as the most beautiful surfing resort in the world.Aiming at building a surfing capital in China,Wanning has set up Asia’s biggest surfing club in Sun-Moon Bay.This will make a great difference of surfing industry in Hainan.

At the same time,there are advanced holiday resorts with considerate facilities in Sun-Moon Bay.Next to the sea,stands a dam with a freshwaterswimming pool,in which guests can wash their bodies after swimming in the sea.Or guests can spend their leisure time in Sea Viewing Pavilion and Tea Room to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sea breeze.There are also fascinating cottages available for lovebirds to spend wonderful moments.The whole resort spreads the atmosphere of peace,quietness,elegance and relaxation,which brings here endless guests.

Dear friends,now we have arrived at Taiwan Folk Cultural Tourist Area(Taiwan Village).Here we are going to visit Taihai Orchid Garden,Pangu Palm,and Happy Coconut Grove.We can also enjoy performances of song and dance from Gaoshan people,and visit Taiwan Folk Cultural Museum to learn their customs deeply.

Hospitable Gaoshan brothers and sisters will use their most solemn traditional ceremony-crossing over the fire basin to welcome friends from all over the world and bless you with good health and wealth.

“The night breeze kissed Penghu Bay with white waves driving the beach.”This classic song brings us to grandma’s small farmyard.Look,how busy there is!Three huge iron pans line up and open with rising heat waves and wafting meat flavor in the air.Eighteen-Pans are ready!Bring your tableware and have a bowl of beef-soybean thick soup,then drink a cup of home-brewed rice wine.How wonderful!In grandma’s farmyard,just make yourself at home.

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