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Dongshan Ridge

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Dongshan Ridge is located 2 kilometers east of Wanning City.It is noted for its ancient stone inscriptions and many Buddhist temples,especially Chaoyin and Dongling Buddhist temples.Dongshan Ridge is called”Hainan first mountain”.It’s not because of its elevation,but because of the following statements.First,Hainan Island since ancient times is midway island of the”water silk road”.Dongshan Ridge is located in east of the South China Sea.In ancient times it was like the beacon which later became the symbol of Hainan Island.Second,people think here is Geomantic Treasure Land from myths and legends.Taoist produced elixir in this place,until now there are furnaces sites.Third,Dongshan Ridge has always been Hainan famous religious mountain for a long history;people built temples here from the Tang Dynasty,and left many scenic spots and historicalsites.Fourth,stones spread all over Dongshan Ridge,and natural landscape and cultural landscape are in complete harmony,which is the traditional tourist destination of Hainan.

Dongshan Ridge is one of the best attractions on Hainan’s eastern coast.It is a rocky hill that has deep and quiet caves.It’s covered with green trees and beautiful flowers,with birds singing joyfully and brooks running gently.There are eight famous sights and the spectacle of caves here.

The eight famous sights:”Seven Gorges”:there are seven gorges shaded by foliage.There is a carpet of green grass.Green trees are veiled in the mist among the gorges.The spring flows among the rocks.”Official Tablet”:one gigantic stone holds the other round one and towers into the sky,just like one official holding a tablet.”Immoral Boat”or”Flying Stone”:it is one of the most interesting sights on Dongshan Ridge.The stone is more then ten meters high and wide,and weighs over a hundred tons.This gigantic stone perches rather precariously and when the wind blows,it shakes slightly,but it never tumbles down the mountain.”Fragrant Cellar”:a deep and remote precipice here is piercingly cold,the cliff is high,precipitous,lofty,and steep.Clouds and fog curl upwards and congeal fragrantly.”Sea Eye”:there is a spring with the name of”Wang Ding”.It is said that the spring is originated from the SouthSea’s eye and has the flavor of elixir.”Viewing-sea Pavilion”:at the top of Dongshan Ridge stands a pavilion.Leaning against the rail,looking far into the distance,people can see the bluish waves in the South China Sea.”Green Dragon”:seen downwards from the pavilion,the celestial river looks like a ribbon or dragon. The coconut palm shadow flickers on both sides. It is primitive, simple and unsophisticated, quiet and tastefully scenery.”Flying Rosy Clouds”: out of the pavilion,a huge stone stands in a group of rocks, carved with four Chinese characters describing the colorful clouds.

The”36-Cave”is the most famous spectacle on the ridge below Flying Stone. The cave entrance is 3 meters high and 2 meters wide. Four meters deepinto the cave, there is the first turning and then the 10-meter stone stairs descending and winding around 36 turnings. In the deepest of the cave cool springs that trickle sluggishly. The rocks in the cave have different shapes. And the cave leads to the South Sea, about which there is a lovely and touching legend.

Dongshan Ridge also has several local specialties to offer for visitors. Zhegu tea is made from wide teas and has a wonderful flavor and aroma. Dongshan sheep is said to grow on the local wide tea and other special plants found in the mountain caverns, thus the lamb here is said to be particularly tasty. In 1962, the famous dramatist and poet Tian Han visited Dongshan Ridge, and he made a poem to praise Dongshan sheep,Dongshan tea and Dongshan spring,which are called three of the most famous produce in Dongshan.Dongshan sheep,Wenchang chicken,Jiaji duck and Hele crab are called four famous dishes of Hainan.

Well my dear friends,we are arriving at the peak-Green Dragon of Dongshan Ridge-after climbing the 2,000 steps.Seen downwards from the pavilion,the beautiful scenery makes you feel relaxed and fresh.Dongshan Ridge,although not high enough,gives you a sense of pageantry;although not huge enough,contains all characteristics of mountains.Enjoy yourself.

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