Siguniang Mountains are as beautiful as their name,but uncovering their veils and appreciating their many charms can be exhausting.Located in Xiaoin County of the Aba Tibetan and Qing Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan Province,the Siguniang Mountains are about 220 kilome-tres away from Chengdu.The mountains stand in the remote distance,like fou beautiful Tibetan girls dressed in white scarves.Legend has it that many years ago,there lived a mountain god named Balang who had four beauti-ful daughters,and the youngest was the tallest and had the most graceful figure.A devil admired the git’s beauty and wanted to marry them.So the deil suggested to the mountain god that they fight a duel.If he won,he would get the four girls.The mountain god was klled by the devil.And thefour girls fled and eventully died from cold weather.Their.bodies became the Siquniang Mountains and their father became the Balang Mountains.

But another tale holds that the four girls were later saved by a hunter and became fairies.The Siguniang Mountains resemble four graceful fairies wearing white mantles and waving to guests from afar.

The Siguniang Mountains area consists of the Siguniang Mountains,Shuangqiao Guly,Changping Gully and Haizi Gully.The mountains are 6250 metres high,reputed by some to be the“Oriental Alps.”Snow covers the mountaintop all the year round.Under a blue sky and white clouds,thedark rocks and clean rivers are coated with green moss and various flow-ers,or golden grass and leaves,milky fog,white snow and crystal-like ice.