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Nine Creeks

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Nine Creeks is located in the west of the West Lake.It starts from Yangmei Hill.And in the end,it flows to the Qiantang River.Along its way,it joins streams from nine creeks,such as Qingwan,Yunqi,and so on.So it is called Nine Creeks.But it is also called Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies,because it also gathers many gullies and small rivers.In the old days,the number“nine”and its multiples are the symbols of a large number.In fact,there are more than eighteen gullies in the Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies.Today,the Nine Creeks is one of the“New Ten Views of the West Lake.”Its natural scenery has attracted many people all over the world It is a good choice to have a walk along the road in the valley of Nine Creeks.

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