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Traditional Beijing Noodles-Hey,Welcome!

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In Northern China,people tend to make food by flour as the staple food,such as steamed rolls,buns,pancakes,noodles and so on.By contrast,people are more likely to eat rice in Southern China.Noodles imply”long life”,therefore,there is a custom in Northern China that as long as someone observes his/her birthday,the family members will cook a bowl of noodles for the longevity god,wishing him/her everlasting health.There is another popular saying that”eat dumplings arriving and noodles when departing”,which means that we eat dumplings to celebrate the reunion with friends or family members who come back home while we eat noodles before we see them off.Why? People tend to believe that long noodles are just like lines reminding those who prepare to leave to come back earlier.It’s an aspiration to meet again as early as possible.

In daily life,Beijingers seem to be more fond of noodles.When people talk of Traditional Beijing Noodles(referred to”the Noodles”below),they say they will never get tired of eating it.In the past,only the dilapidated nobility can eat the Noodles. But nowadays,despite of social status,people can go to the restaurant to order it at any time they want,not only for the atmosphere but more for good taste.You can order some local side dishes such as fried sausage,cool cabbage with wasabi in pier shape,fried creak..,then two seasonal dishes,and finally the Noodles.How indescribably comfortable!

The Noodles is of good taste and also easy to make.Prepare well all the vegetables including cucumbers,toons,bean sprouts,green beans,soybeans as the auxiliary ingredients.Put the diced meat,ginger and other food into the pan,add yellow soybean paste or sweet soybean paste to cook and then have the past. done.You can pour the vegetables and paste into the noodles directly from tho boiling water or first have the noodles dipped into the cool water and then pour the vegetables and paste into the bowl according to personal preferences.

Until now,you can still see in the warren in small lanes called Hutong in Beijing inner city that neighbors in communities nearby gather together during meal time holding the Noodle bowls with one cucumber in it.Squatting down in the courtyard or door opening,they are chatting and playing chess while eating noodles and having a bite of cucumbers at times.

This is common but warm,which tells people’s eating habits and also records the neighborhood life.In such a metropolitan as Beijing,what matters is not a bowl of hot noodles,but also the mutual companionship and the warm heart caring others behind. 

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