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Fried Red Berries,I’m Sweet and Sour Me

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Fired red berries was ever one of the famous snacks during the Qing Dynasty.Red berries contain vitamins,minerals, citric acid,hawthorn acid,malic acid and other nutrients, whose nutrients are six times higher than those of apple. Esterase solution promotes the astric secretion,accelerates the digestion of high. all the Beijing calorie food,thus helping metabolism and fitness.Therefore,nearly taste restaurants list the snack as the appetizer on the menu.Its sweet and sour taste attract many customers.

Red berries are mainly produced in Hebei province,Shandong province,Shanxi province and Jixian county of Tianjin and Xinglong Mountainous area nearby, boasting of high quantity and good quality.When cooking the red berries,you’d better pay attention that red berries can’t be fried raw.It’s rational to clean the red berries first and put them in the pot with cool water in it.As the water gradually heated until the red berries are half cooked,take them out,peel off the skin and have them stoned.Add water and boil the sugar into juice.The timing is very important.Put the red berries into the sugar juice and boil it in slow fire until it becomes semitransparent,in which process they need constant turning,otherwise they would be overcooked.

Even though it’s just a snack,it’s necessary to use the best ingredients,cook in the right order and finish by complete steps.Only in this way can the most delicious taste can be achieved.It’s important to follow the process,but what’s more important is the good spirit of providing others delicious and healthy food with vigorous efforts.With additional patience,persistence and judgment,small business.

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