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Beijing Roast Duck,Imperial Food Appetizing the Whole City

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Whenever quests come to Beijing for a visit,the host will arrange a”Roast Duck Feast”to treat them There is a saying qoes in Europe:”Things are discussed and fixed during meals, which dominate people’s affairs “Delicious food is not favored 002 by common people but more important to officials and merchants It’s not known when the catch phrase such as”The feeling that the visit is not complete if you don’t go to the Great Wall,you will feel regret it you don’t eat roast duck when coming to Beijing”is popular.

There are many famous brands of Beijing Roast Duck Restaurants,such as Quanjude,Bianyifang,DaDong and Dayali Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant and Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant represent two different schools of roasting duck both of which have a history of over one hundred years.

Founded in 1855,Bianyifang advocated that flames shall not go directly onto the duck which is baked by charcoal fire in the oven and hot furnace wall Before being put into the oven,a duck is filled with specially-made soup to make it possible to roast the duck outside and boil it inside at the same time Quanjude is better known(founded in 1864),with duck roasted over the fire,hung in the oven and roasted by the flame of the fruit-tree wood At the same time,the duck needs constant flipping so that the whole is evenly heated The cooking time lasts for forty minutes .

When roasted and dried,the duck will look brilliantly purplish red,with crisp skin,charred outside and juicy within It’s hard for people to resist the temptation of enjoying it Beijing Roast Duck is not only popular with tourists at home and abroad but admired by foreign leaders.Many foreign leaders can’t wait to have a Duck Feast when coming to visit China.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and and his wife Akie Abe arrived in Beijing to attend the APEC informal leadership meeting on Nov.9th,2014,they were found in Beijing DaDong Roast Duck restaurant to eat Roast Duck on that day.Not only Abe, but Michelle Obama and Bush family are all fans of Roast Duck.

As the symbol of local culture,we see from food people’s wisdom created from life and essence of civilization.Beijing Roast Duck will continue to serve as the Cuisine Card bettering Beijing to become an international and innovative city.  

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