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Temples of the Mountain in the Cuandixia Village

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Also known as Great Temple, the Temple of Guan Yu is located on a small hill inthe northeastern part of the village. Within the surrounding wall, the counyard measures20 meters from north to south and 15 meters from east to west.

The main hall consists ofthree rooms, with flush gable ridges, gray-tiled roofs, and color painted beams. In China’srural areas, it is very common to find temples of Guan Yu, a highly—revered hero of theThree Kingdoms Period. Respected as an incarnation of righteousness and loyalty, andlater also considered as a god of wealth, Guan Yu is widely worshipped among the ordinarypeople. The Temple of Guan Yu in Chuandixia gradually became a venue for variouscultural events, such as ethics education,classes, offering sacrifices to theHeaven, and temple fairs.

The Temple of Guan Yu ranks thehighest in architectural level among allthe structures in the village. It boasts alarge and high foundation and the onlyeave corridor in the village. The village—level public events and ceremonies aremostly held here,In addition to paying homage to theimage of Guan Yu for a good climate,villagers coming to the temple also pray forbearing childten, disaster avoidance, treatingdisease, and maintaining family harmony.In the eyes of the villagers subor—dinate t0 the Temple of Guan Yu, God-dess Temple rarely hosts large publicevents, but mainly serves local womenpraying for smooth childbearing and thesafety of their children.

In the past, thetemple enshrined Bodhisattva Guan YinWho Bestows Children and Immortal BiXia Yuan Jun.

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