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The rich entertainment life of Chadao Village

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Based on its strong indigenous culture, Chuandixia offers a colorful diversity of cultural and recreational activities.

Traditional folk culture was handed down till today, represented by the Temple Fair on the15th day of the First Lunar Month, flagpole waving, trapeze playing, and the singing of folkballads.The time—honored architectural art and the strong indigenous customs convey thevillagers’ persistent pursuit of culture. Throughout its history, the village produced scholarswho passed imperial examinations at varying levels, court officials, and even a man whowas initiated into monkhood on behalf of the emperor. Found in the village are culturalheritages of varying historical stages, including slogans from the Cultural Revolution.

The enchanting natural environment,distinctive folk customs, and attractive residentialstructures have made this place a popular TV andfilm location. Dozens of TV plays and movies,including Knight—Ermnt of Northeast China, WestTour of Ci Xi, Great Master of Tai Chi, WordlessLove, and Cell Phone, have been produced here.Today, Chuandixia is a popular destination fortourists, painters, photographers, writers, poetsand casual explorers.Strolling along the village roads, one willderive a sense of history from the old houses, thestone rollers, and the ancient cypress trees.Villagers of different generations live, farm,relax and celebrate together, leading ahappy, idyllic life. The interiordecorations, engraved ornaments, andcolor paintings inside the residentialcompounds are embodiments of thelocal folk customs and traditional  culture, silently conveying people’spursuit for happiness, goodness andwealth,Winter is the best season forChuandixia. In the last lunar month,in particular, colorful countrysidecustoms are in full swing.

The 23rdday of that month marks thebeginning of the preparations for theLunar New Year, and all thehouseholds are part of the festiveatmosphere. They tidy up theirhomes, prepare tofu, clean beansprouts, deep-fry rice cakes, decoratewindows with paper-cuts inauspicious designs, affix godpaintings to gates, hang red lanterns,exchange gifts with family and more.

As an increasing number of citydwellers have become interested incelebrating the Spring Festival in thecountryside, many have chosen Chuandixia as the place to sample the distinctive farmer cuisine and enjoy the fireworksand firecrackers.In recent years, spending Chinese New Year holiday in villages has come into vogue.The inexpensive accommodations and pristine folk customs of the rural areas are a big drawfor city dwellers.

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