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Spring Dawn at Su Causeway

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Su Causeway starts from the foot of Nanping Mountain in the south and stretches to Qixia Ridge in the north with a full length of nearly three kilometers.

It was built by Su Dongpo,a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty.As the chief executive in Hangzhou,he was in charge of dredging the West Lake and building the causeway.In memory of his achievements,people named it as Su Causeway.Lying beside the West Lake,the long causeway connects North Mountain and South Mountain.

In the Southern Song Dynasty,Spring Dawn at Su Causeway was the top of the ten views of the West Lake.Su Causeway is just like a messenger to tell people the approaching of spring,with green willows on both its sides,brilliant peach blossom shining and green waves of the lake as smooth as a mirror.If you are walking along the causeway,you may think that the whole scene is just like a dream or an illusion.

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