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China Tea Museum

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China Tea Museum is the only one of its kind in the country.It was opened to the public in October,1990 and is located in Double Peaks Tea Village of West Lake Township.It covers an area of 3.7 hectares(9.12 acres).This big area shows a variety of teas produced nationwide,ranging from black tea to green tea,from white tea to dark tea,and from Yunnan brick tea to Fujian Oolong tea.It has four different buildings.Building No.1 is the exhibition building.It is divided into six rooms showing tea-growing history,famous teas,tea customs and tea sets.Building No.2is used for reception.Building No.3 has six tea rooms in different styles where various teas can be sampled.In building No.4,there are tea art and tea ceremony.A major part of themuseum is dedicated to tea culture.Visiting the museum,one can learn about tea-growing and tea-drinking in different countries around the world.

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