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The Theme of New Paper-cut Art

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The development of modern scientific technology and the progress of modern ideas have brought the infinite vitality for the contemporary human social life; the civilization of new city, as well as the modern city as thecenter of diverse culture and artistic communication has greatly enriched the spiritual life of humanity.

The all-around opening and progressive social background has brought opportunity to the innovation and development of new artistic style.A large number of new and fashionable art forms constantly emerge in people’s real life and enrich the world culture. As a fashionable visual art of Chinese national nature, the new paper-cut art inherits traditional paper-cut art, gradually stepping out of the narrow space of traditional rural paper-cut, towards the city civilization and college education.

The new paper-cut art gets the world’s attention and recognition through the exploration of the novel new paper-cut. However, due to the influence of ancient traditional curing old ideas, it has not been totally understood by the society, and it is even more difficult to give a proper positioning especially for some professional cultural organization. We believe that with the development of the era and the striving continuouslypractice of artists, new paper-cut art must be able to go to the real palace of world culture and art, and become an excellent representative of China’s new art category; at the same time, it can open up a new way for creative and cultural industries of modern design relying on its unique artistic style.

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