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Impact of science and technology on culture and art

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The influence of development of science and technology in the world to the perspective transformation of culture and art

The development of science and technology in the world brings the whole humanity into the digital era, and the integrative development of multimedia constructs a new trend of social development. Through learning the new technology and method, mastering updated scientific toolsand thinking methods constantly, we can win the international standards and modern requirements of arts development.

Professor Gao Gang in Renmin University of China hasasserted that mankind has entered into the digital age, and that human living environment has entered thedigital picture, and that the human social activities has entered the digital recording..… in his academic report”The Construction of Information Dissemination Influence Under the Media Integration Trend”, he also said that modern society must have the synergic idea and cooperative development… Zhang Ping, the director of National Development and Reform Commission also pointed out that from the point of view of social development innovation, the social development andinnovation of the United States meansthat innovation and development is inthe struggle with the time and space.

China has more ingenuity in “the Twelfth Five-year Plan and China’s economic hot issue discussion”.

Different subjects should use themodern science and technology and modern way of thinking to achieve the discipline of professional modernization and internationalization according to the specific situation. As a typical humanities disciplines, design and art should also grasp the modernization, grasp the trend of fashion, and start an advanced art road of a leading the era and the world.

Grasp the art language with ethnic characteristics, skillfully apply modern science and technology such as digitization, multimedia to modern design and art, thus, our artistic creation can be more in line with modern people’s aesthetic tasteand visual psychological needs, which can open up a new way of visual art. In today’s social life, the modern concepts of the ultra space-time, integrated application of multidisciplinary, and sustainable development have been around people. Highly developed modern design thinking is widely applied to the fashionable art activity.

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