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The Largest Inland Saltwater Lake

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Located in the northeast of the 4,500-metre-high Qinghai- 105 Tibet plateau,Qinghai Lake is a blue mirror nestled between snowy mountains and grasslands.Measuring 4,400 square kilometers,it is the largest inland saltwater lake in China.

From summer to early autumn the prairie is a lush green carpet.Thereafter the fields of oilseed rape ripen to a bright yellow,spreading a sweet scent in the air.

There are three islets in the lake.Actually,they are three huge rocks.The most charming islands in the lake are the Egg Island and the Haixipi Island,both are a bird paradise.

Numerous birds in Qinghai Lake,a major varieties of Bar- headed goose,fish gulls,brown head gulls,cormorants,and so more than 10 species,gathered each spring to the island. These islands are a paradise for birds,crowded around the cliff nest. eggs abound.

There are a number of ethnic groups including Han, Mongolian and Tibetan ethnic groups.They are all united in the single aim of protecting the lake and the land which surrounds it.   

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