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Qinghai Lake and Bird Island

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Lying 180 km from yning and 3 200 metres above sea level,Qinghai Lake is the largest salt water lake in China;not only that it is also the lar-gest of alllakes,both salt water and fresh,in the whole country.In Qing-hai lake Bird lsland is the most charming and atractive place.Situated onthe western shore of Qinghai Lake,the island has largely due to the rece-ding of waters of its shores,been turned into a peninsula.Though it cov-ers an area of slightly less than 1000 square meters it attracts many migra-ting birds in spring and summer.

To these hundreds of thousands of mi-grant birds,the island has become a very important bird sanctuary.Thou-sands of birds of diferent species such as geese,gulls,sandpipers and cormorants,nest on the island and the sound of its cals,twitters is carried far and away.For these birds as well as bird watching enthusiasts,the is-land represents nothing short of a piece of heaven.Another atraction on the lake is Haixinshan wthere acording to legend great horses were bred.

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