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Existing traditional Craftsmanship

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Folk tools, fiber arts, and bamboo crafts are the three types of living traditional craftsmanship i n China. Folk tools, the most functional type, play an indispensable part in people’s daily life. In the course of nature observing and production and life improving, folk craftsmen have created a variety of tools with different functions and shapes, such as hoes for farmers, nets for fishermen, bows an d arrows for hunters, saws for carpenters, hammers for blacksmith, as well as semi-mechanical tool s that are driven by animals, hydraulic power or wind power.

Fiber arts, an ancient yet fresh form of arts, are created with natural plant and animal fibers like silk, wool, cotton and linen or synthetic fiber, using weaving, knitting, intertwining pasting, binding. sewing, dyeing and other techniques. Modern fiber arts owe their features to nothing but the com bined form of art and craft. Bamboo is a common material for handicraft and building construction. Bamboo wares enjoy a ong history, having a typical feature of ethnic Han culture.

In history, bamboo wares have been wid ely used in people’s’ daily life, agricultural production activities, and cultural& entertainment activitie s. Bamboo crafts represent not only an effort to explore the potential way of making use of enviro nment-friendly bamboo materials, but also an attempt to inherit traditional personality-linked bam boo culture and promote the values of abundance and sustainable development.

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