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Aims and Principles

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The Chinese government has all along regarded the space industry as an integral part of the state s comprehensive development strategy and upheld that the exploration and utilization of outer space should be for peaceful purposes and benefit the whole of mankind. As a developing country, China’s fundamental tasks are developing its economy and continuously pushing forward its modernization drive. The aims and principles of China’s space activities are determined by their important status and function in protecting China’s nationalinterests and implementing the state’s development strategy The aims of China’s space activities are: to explore outer space, and learn more about the cosmos and the earth; to utilize outer space for peaceful purposes, promote mankind’s civilization and social progress, and benefit the whole of mankind; and to meet the growing demands of economic construction, national security, science and technology development and social progress, protect China’s nationalinterests and build up the comprehensive national strength China carries out its space activities in accordance with the following principles: Adhering to the principle of long-term, stable and sustainable development and making the development of space activities cater to and serve the state ‘s comprehensive development strategy. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the significant role of space activities in implementing the strategy of revitalizing the country with science and education and that of sustainable development as well as in economic construction, national security science and technology development and social progress. The development of space activities is encouraged and supported by the government as an integral part of the state’s comprehensive development strategy.

Upholding the principle of independence, self-reliance and self-renovation and actively promoting international exchanges and cooperation. China shall rely on its own strength to tackle key problems and make breakthroughs in space technology. Meanwhile, due attention shall be given to international cooperation and exchanges in the field of space technology and self-renovation in space technology shall be combined organically with technology import on the principles of mutual benefit and reciprocity.

Selecting a limited number of targets and making breakthroughs in key areas according to the national situation and strength. China carries out its space activities for the purpose of satisfying the fundamental demands of its modernization drive. a limited number of projects that are of vital significance to the national economy and social development are selected so as to concentrate strength to tackle major difficulties and achieve breakthroughs in key fields Enhancing the social and economic returns of space activities and paying attention to the motivation of technological progress. China strives to explore a more economical and efficient development road for its space activities so as to achieve the integration of technological advance and economic rationality.

Sticking to integrated planning, combination of long-term development and short-term development, combination of spacecraft and ground equipment, and coordinated development. The Chinese government develops space technology, application and science through integrated planningand rational arrangement in the aim of promoting the comprehensive and coordinated development of China’s space activities

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