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Shaolin Temple

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Shaolin Temple or Shaolin Monastery is a Chan Buddhist temple on Mount Song,near Dengfeng,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China.Founded in the 5th century,the monastery is long famous for its association with Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kung Fu,and it is the best known Mahayana Buddhist monastery to the Western world.Shaolin Temple and its famed Pagoda Forest were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 as part of the“Historic Monuments of Dengfeng”.In the past,many have tried to capitalise on Shaolin Monastery fame by building their own schools on Mount Song.However,the Chinese government eventually outlawed this;the schools were moved to the nearby towns.However,founded in 2010,the Ta Gou kung fu school,one of the largest martial arts school in China,owns and practises on land below Shaolin Temple.Current 3lst Grand Master of the fighting monks is Shi De Yang,a disciple of the former abbot Shi Suxi.


Shaolin Temple is located on the Songshan Mountain,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,


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From Zhengzhou Railway Station:Take bus to Dengfeng,then take a bus to the Shaolin Temple.

From Luoyang:The coach bus to Dengfeng will pass the Shaolin Road,which is on1y 2km from Shaolin Temple.

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