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Sayings About Dragon

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Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that does not exist in the natural world. Despite this, the dragon is one of the most revered symbols of the Chinese people. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes imperial power and high status, as well as good fortune and success. According to ancient legend, the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, the ancestors of the Chinese people, were Sons of the Dragon. The Chinese people are therefore called “Descendants of the Dragon.”

An old story relates that Ye Gao was a high official who loved dragons. His clothing and home were all decorated with images of dragons. The Heavenly Dragon heard about this and came to pay Ye Gaoa visit, but faced with an actual dragon, Ye was terrified and fled. As a result, the saying “Lord Ye loves dragons”is used to describe someone who insincerely professes affection for something. Another saying,”Dotting the eyes on a painted dragon,”refers to providing the finishing touch to a work of art or literature, and thus bringing it to life.

Dragon comes fifth in the Chinese zodiac.

Characteristics of Dragon

Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that does not exist in the natural world. Dragoncorresponds to Libra in the Western zodiac. People born in the Year of the Dragon are physically vigorous and full of energy. They are highly ambitious, and do not easily admit defeat. Their intense sense of self leads them to strive for perfection in all things and to be quite concerned with their public Due to their constant pursuit of perfection, people born in the Year of the Dragon may be rather irascible. They expect a lot from others, and tend to be intolerant. They are easily frustrated and lacking in tenacity, and prefer to retreat rather than risk failure.

Perpetual Calendar for the Year of the Dragon

People whose birthdays fall during the following periods are born in the Year of the Dragon:

February 03,1916-January 22,1917

January 23,1928-February 09,1929

February 08,1940-January 26,1941

January 27,1952-February 13,1953

February 13,1964-February 01,1965

January 31,1976-February 17,1977

February 17,1988-February 05,1989

February 05,2000-January23,2001

January 23,2012-February 09,2013

February 10,2024-January 28,2025

The first date indicates Lunar New Year’s Day. The second date indicates the last day of the lunar year.

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