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Potala Palace in Tibet

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1.A Brieflntroduction

The Potala Palace was started in the Tang Dynasty on the order of the Tubo King Srontsan Gambo for his wife Princess Wen Cheng from the Tang royal family

2.The White Palace

The White Palace used to be a place where the living Buddha,Dalai,Tibet’s religious leader,lived and handled government affairs.

3.The Red Palace

The Red Palace consists of the Hall of the Buddha,the Scripture Hall and the Memorial Hall.

4.The Dragon King’s Pond

In rear of the Potala Palace,there lies a garden known as Dragonoking’s Pond.It is the garden of the Potala Palace.


The”Snow”is situated at the foot of the Red Hill.It consists of the local government institutions as well as a jail and the backyard garden.

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