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Ningxia Souvenirs

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Medlar(gouqi) is an ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ningxia has been cultivating it for over 480 years. Helan Stone (helan shi ) which comes from Helan Shan, is often carved into ink stones. It’s a very hard stone with a glossy finish and a tinge of purple coloring. Items made from lamb’s wool (tanyang ermaopi) are abundant:they’ re soft and warm. The West Pagoda Culture Market(xita wenhua guangchang) is good place to browse for antiques, stoneware and assorted souvenirs: look for it over on Liqun Xi Jie.iyou ‘re’ interested in jewelry then the Ningxia Gem City(ningxia zhubaocheng) is your store–it specializes in gold and silver jewelry, and precious stones. It’s on 164 Jiefang Xi Jie, Xingqing District.

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