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Modern paper-cut art

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The Predecessors’ Innovative Exploration for Modern Paper-cut Art

The development of the world city civilization brought about the transformation of cultural and artistic perspective, which will greatly boost the new art and new paper-cut art.

In the background of the multicultural integration development, Chinese paper-cut art and modern artistic ideas colide with each other, produce many fantastic splendor, and pave the way for today’s new paper-cut art of personalized, artistic mature development.

Back in the early years of war in the process of development of urban civilization, the older generation of artists such as Zhang Ding, Gu Yuan, Chen Shuliang, put revolutionary art effectively into the traditional paper-cut art form, combining woodcut and other painting art technique, which wellreflects the artistic expression of the academic artist at that time. Their artworks give us pure and fresh feelings.We can say that they are the early practitioners and creator of modern theme paper-cut art.

Chen Zhinong, Wang Bomin, ShenPeinong, Zhang Fenggao as the representatives of the early pioneers of new paper-cut art, make a certaincombination of the traditional folk paper-cut and eastern and western artstyle, showing a relatively new paper-cut art form different from the pure folk paper-cut. These paper-cut art works represent the style characteristics of the middle period of the twentieth century,which is artistic modeling foundation for new paper-cut art.

It is the early visual artist Mr.ZhangGuangyu that applies the paper-cut artto the design art,and makes a positive practical value.He forms the zodiac books illustration design by using the paper-cut art,and he introduces new practicability of folk paper-cut,and lays the practice foundation for the innovation and development of modern design art.After the liberation,Chinese paper-cut art is closely linked to the modern popular visual concept and the time features.Through the artists’unremitting efforts to explore and break through the tradition, there emerges some new paper-cut forms, such as comics, cartoons, stamps, bookplate and other new paper-cut art works. Then new arts and crafts) products with new paper-cut form also gradually spread all over the world, such as bags, wall hanging, clothing and decorations, which makes a positive impact on new visual art.

The direction of the efforts in pursuit by many artists is to deeply explore and put the folk paper-cut art to the modern pure art level. The inquiry and ideal goal of new paper-cut art is to combine with modern art anddevelop modern pure art form with international significance. In the early 1980s, Mr. Lv Shengzhong made a combination of the folk paper-cut and modern installation painting and modern science and technology, to create a”little red figure”series of image, among which the”sacred way”,”soul monument”,”red train”and other works fully reflect the extension andexpansion of national culture and art spirit, which becomes a shining point of art at that time. Mr. Qiao Xiaoguang made a breakthrough achievement in study of Chinese intangible cultural heritage system. At the same time, he applied the Chinese paper-cut artactively to the big stage of Westernopera, where he combined light effect and large spatial scale. It fully shows the unique artistic charm of new paper-cut art.

Chinese paper-cut has extremely extensive development and utilization value for modern design art. At this point, Zhang Shouyi, Sun Deshan, Liu Jude, Lv Jingren, Lv Pintian,Jin Diqiang, Wu Guanying and Pan Lusheng have carried on meaningful design art exploration and strong support for theoretical thought system for the combination of the Chinese paper-cut art and modern design, which has made a contribution to theinnovative development of new paper-cut art. In foreign countries, Japan’s design industry skillfully integrated oriental and western art spirits, and Japan’s modern design early applies paper-cut art to book illustration design and poster design. The modernpaper-cut art of Mr. Masayuki Miyata combined with Japanese Ukiyoe art style, with Japanese unique spiritual connotation, fully demonstrates the incomparable charm of modern art.

The graphic design work of Kazumasa Nagai always contains some traces ofpaper-cut patterns, and its sharp andfirm decorative molding give persons deep impression. Henri Matisse, the representative of the French fauvism, applies paper-cut art to the large mural art. The exaggerated zoetic block modeling and emotional image in his paper-cut art works, not only affects the development of modern paper-cut art, but also has a huge influence for4 the modern art system in the world.

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