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Map of Shanghai

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A good map of Shanghai will be a helpful complement to the one in this book. Given the massive construction craze going on in the city, it’s impossible to find an accurate map detailing all of the narrow longtangs(alleyways), but good maps can be found that provide the names of roads and major sites in Chinese characters, pinyin and English. The best local maps are found at Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookshop; detailed maps can also be found in most hotel gift shops as well Pudong’s City Hall.

Newspapers, Magazines& Bookstores

Newstands in Shanghai only feature two daily English newspapers, China Daily and Shanghai Daily and the weekly Shanghai Star. For international newspapers or magazines such as the Asian Wall Street Journal, International Tribune, Time or The Economist, head to the five star hotels. that’s Shanghai, Metrozine, Quo and Whenever Shanghai (Japanese)are monthly magazines that provide detailed listings of ongoing events and hot spots. They can be found in most venues that attract a large crowd of foreigners such as the main hotels,Starbucks and at most restaurants in Xintiandi.

Fuzhou Road is the main nerve for bookshops in Shanghai. Here you can buy everything from basic Mandarin phrase books to fashion magazines to the latest novels.

 China Hand Reading Room hanyuan shudian This cozy little bookstore is tucked in a quiet tree-lined street in the former French Concession. The interior is furnished with an eclectic collection of antiques and knick- knacks from Shanghai’s past.

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