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Location and the Landscape of the Three Gorges

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The Three Gorges scenic spot was named after the Qutang, Wuxia,and the Xiling gorges.They begin at Baidicheng,Chongqing City and end at Nanjin Pass in Yichang,Hubei Province.

The Three Gorges scenic spot contains many different ecological environments and has abundant species of wildlife.In the three gorges area over 570 species of vertebrates have been documented,and many biologists believe that there are many more yet undiscovered.

The area’s most well-known ancient civilization the Daxi had built thousands of graves over 5,000 years ago.A large amount of artifacts have recently been unearthed giving us a better understanding of this ancient culture.

Many ancient officials,poets and painters have visited the Three Gorges area for many centuries.Each was deeply touched by the beautiful scenery and many of their paintings and poems featuring the Three Gorges have survived.   

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