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Jiuzhaigou National Park

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1.A Brieflntroduction

Ifthere is really a fairyland on earth,it is the Jiuzhaigou Valley.It is well-known for its deep valleys,shimmering lakes,magnificent waterfalls and primevalSforest.

2.The Deep Valleys

The park contains 3 major mountain valleys-the Shuzheng Valley,the Rize Valley and the Zechawa ValleyD.The three valleys seem to be in the shape of”ya”.

3.The Shimmering Lakes

The water is so clean that you can see to the bottom even at 30 meters indepth.The color of the waters in the lakes changes with the moods of the weather.

Jiuzhaigou National Park

4.The Magnificent Waterfalls

The magnificent waterfalls look like silver screens hanging in the air.Some of them become frozen waterfalls in winter.

5.The Primeval Forests

The mountain forests change the appearance ofliuzhaigou with the seasons.The forests are green in spring and darkgreen in summer.Autumn pours out yellow,red and orange.

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