Chengde Mountain Resort used to be summer resort for the royal family of the Qing Dynasty . Initially built in Kangxi Period, it covers about 5.8 square kilometers. It is the largest remaining ancient detached palace in China. It fully integrates arti f cial building and natural landscape. Garden landscape not only boasts open expanse in the north of the Great Wall, but also the delicate charm of the south region. Chengde Mountain Resort consists of two parts: Palace Area and Garden Area. Originally there were 180 groups of buildings, which were known as “72 Scenic Spots”. Palace Area sees plain and elegant architectural style. Garden Area is the backbone of Chengde Mountain Resort, consisting of lake area, plain lake and mountainous area. Scenery of lakes and mountains differ from each other. Pavilions show various shapes. Chengde Mountain Resort is indeed a masterpiece of royal garden.

Wenjin Building was built in imitation of Tianyi Building. With two layers, it has sandwich layer in the middle. Si Ku Quan Shu (Complete Library of the Four Treasures of Knowledge) and Compendium of Works of Past and Present are kept here.

“Yan Bo Zhi Shuang Hall” has horizontal width of 7 rooms and vertical depth of 5 rooms, with gablet roof. It was bedroom for the Q i n g e m p e r o r s . In the middle of the hall, there is a throne which was the place where the Qing emperors a c c e p t w o r s h i p from empresses and concubines.

“Front Hall” has triple palace gates. With “Dan Bo Jing Cheng Hall” as the main body, it is the place where emperors dealt with daily affairs and lived. It features rolling roof, plain tile, green brick, undecorated beam and low base. Separated window and ceiling see openwork. The overall style is plain, elegant and pleasant.

Yanyu Building is located in Qinglian Island in the northwest of Ruyizhou, which imitates Yanyu Building on South Lake, Jiaxing. It has three-room-wide hall in the front and two-layer building with horizontal width of 5 rooms and vertical depth of 2 rooms in the rear . Surrounded by lake water at three sides, Yanyu Building sees shimmering ref ection and beautiful scenery.

“Jin Shan” imitates Jinshan Temple, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. The whole island is built with stone masonry . Its main building has octagonal surface, which is the highest building in lake area. This scenic spot integrates southern garden features in the northern landscape. Grand northern momentum and beautiful southern scene are combined perfectly.