Like the scenery,the climate at Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong is alpine.Think damp and cold in the high mountains and cool and dry in the river valleys.Autumn begins in early-October and is the best time to visit because the scenery is at its most colorful.It’s important to be prepared when up in the mountainous areas,be sure to bring plenty of food,water and enough clothing.

The intercommected pools of uanglong.

Around mid-July is the Huanglong Temple Fair(huanglong miaohui)in the Huanglong Scenic Area.Ethnic Qiang and Tibetans dress in their traditional clothes in nor of the god of Huanglong(huanglong shenren) Get your picture taken at the ticket office when you buy your ticket-this will allow you to buy the next day’s ticket for RMB 40.