Huangguoshu Waterfall, a milky way in miniature,is the largest waterfall in Asia.Seventy-four meters (243 feet)high and eighty- one meters(266 feet)wide, it is a scenic marvel.Do not miss it if you are in Guizhou Province.

Huangguoshu Waterfall’s vista changes depending on the location of the viewer.One viewing spot is Waterfall-Viewing Pavilion(Guan Pu Ting),where you see the whole waterfall from a distance. Another is Water-Viewing Stage(Guan Shui Tai)where you get a bird’s eye view.The third is Waterfall-Viewing Stage(Guan Pu Tai)in which you raise your head to see the scene.

The Water-Curtain Cave dissects Huangguoshu and provides visitors view ports on the waterfall.A road on the mountainside leads into the Water-Curtain Cave,where the waterfall can be heard,watched and touched.On a sunny day,a rainbow arches over the falls.

As early as over 300 years ago,the famous Chinese geologist and traveler Xu Xiake recorded,”the foams(泡沫)rise from the rocks like a mist.The waterfall is with such a momentum that even the screen of pearl released from hooks/or silk that hangs on faraway peaks’cannot describe to the full its majesty.”

The roaring river dashes down from the over 70-meter-high cliff into the Xiniu Pond,creating a noise as if a thousand people were beating drums or tens of thousands of horses were galloping. The thundering noise reaches as far as several kilometers away and strikes the tourists’hearts.